About Us


Founded in 1998, United Distribution has its own vision in distribution business. We seek famous names that are known for high quality products, and we compliment this by┬áservice and support. By this we provide our customers with an unmatched reliability and business continuity that would satisfy our customers’ demands.

Names we carry:

Star Micronics: Founded in 1947, the Japanese company is known for manufacturing high precision products. Their most famous product is POS printers. Not only offering a great variety, but also a quality that satisfies big names in retail business like MobiNiL, Hyper1, Mo’men,..etc.

Infosec: Founded in 1990, ranked as the third biggest UPS manufacturer. Infosec offers electrical protection equipment from surge protectors to UPS’s with capacities from 350VA up to 200KVA which persuaded businesses like Duravit, Dream Park, Alcatel, Orascom,..etc. to rely on it.

Elo: In 1971 Elo invented touch screen technology, and since then it is the global main supplier for touch products. Elo offers touch monitors and touch PCs with the widest range of touch technologies that meets any business need (Retail, Industrial, Medical,..etc).

Zebex: The biggest Taiwanese manufacturer for barcode systems. They offer the whole range from Readers to Data terminals. single line to 32 lines. Zebex is also know for its performance and durability.

Argox: The famous name in Label and barcode industry, offering a wide range label printers, from entry level to industrial.